Preferred by skincare professionals worldwide, glo therapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating home care programs & professional treatments! Glo utilizes innovative technology and the latest developments in the industry's science, combined with advanced formulations to create potent concentrations of active ingredients the clinically transform the skin.

You may wonder how are glo therapeutic products so different and unique? Their technology is innovative and they utilize cutting edge science with formulations that are concentrated with active ingredients to clinically transform the skin without being invasive. Our treatments include facials and chemical exfoliants which are developed to rejuvenate and refine skin tone and texture.

  • Free of parabens and dyes

  • High concentration of ingredients

  • Innovative and "chirally" correct ingredients

Chirally refers to the ingredients being mirror images of each other, not exact duplicates.

Esthetic Spa Treatments Featuring Glo Therapeutics Skin Care Line

Advanced Skin Care Treatments GlymedPlus – Purely Professional Skin Care

Hydra Radiance Peel
A peel which smooths, hydrates and brightens the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation with a larger molecular size. This peel contains lactic acid which is the preferred option for dry and sensitive skin, as well as TIME nts. The added antioxidants of this peel, assist in repairing any damage and help strengthen the skin

Starts at- $60

Beta Clarity Peel
A peel which possesses antiseptic properties and deeply cleans pores. This peel treats oily, congested and acne prone skin, in addition to rejuvenating, smoothing and balancing the complexion.

Starts at - $60

Gly Pro Resurfacing Peel
A peel designed to repair and regenerate your skin. This is a versatile and fast acting exfoliant appropriate for MOST skin types which effectively aids oily and problematic skin and improves the appearance of facial lines, uneven skin tone and texture.

Starts at - $60

Keratin Lash Lift and Tint
Our lash lift is designed to be gentle on our clients eyes and has less risk of over processing the eyelashes. This is an innovative method of perming the natural eyelashes and keeping them curled for 6 to 8 weeks. This service also will include Lash Tinting. At the end of the process your eyelashes are infused with a keratin serum which will assist in conditioning and strengthening the lashes.

Per Treatment - $95

Lactic Acid Skin Recovery Treatment

This is a treatment designed for dehydrated, photo aged, menopausal skin or skin pigmentation. It is a treatment that addresses skin which lacks tone and vitality. By utilizing the natural resource of lactic acid, it increases the skin’s moisture supply, restores its natural barrier and targets sun spots. For best results, a series of six treatments is recommended. 

Per Treatment - $70
Six Treatments - $375

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Active Exfoliator

This peel is an active life corrective treatment designed for the busy person, and it will immediately improve your skin. Our esthetician will administer a deep pore cleanser and an AHA fruit acid peel, finishing with a protective application of Cell Science Bioactive nutritional skin conditioners.

Per Treatment - $65

Classic Glo Facial

Let your mind melt away as your skin experiences a deep cleansing, steam and extraction. Relax your muscles as you enjoy a face, neck and shoulder massage. A finishing masque is chosen suitable for your skin type and needs. Finish with a refreshing toner and a nourishing moisturizer. A customized facial according to your skin type using Glo Therapeutics skin care products. Ideal for combination skin and slightly dehydrated, oily skin. 

Per Treatment - $75

Vitamin C Glo Facial

A super hydrating and soothing treatment suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and/or mature skin types. Layers upon layers of vitamin C – cleanser, serums and a warm, refreshing modeling masque help heal, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Per Treatment - $80

Clear Skin Glo Facial

A facial recommended for acne prone or congested skin performed at one week intervals. Visible results are typically seen after 4 to 6 treatments.

Per Treatment - $75
Package of 4 Treatments - $225*
*The purchase of 4 treatments is highly recommended. This product and the accompanying treatments are suitable for teens and adults alike.

Hydrating Glo Mini Facial

A condensed version of the Classic Glo Facial including a cleansing followed by a hydrating enzyme mask to exfoliate surface debris and deeply hydrate for more soft, supple skin. Following a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage finish with a moisturizer for your skin type. Great for someone on the go or a quick pick me-up during lunch.

Per Treatment - $58

Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment

An advanced skin correction treatment utilizing micro crystals to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, promote softer, healthier skin tone, refine enlarged pores, minimize acne scarring and pigmentation spots, and repair sun damaged skin. After the first treatment the skin will have a fresh, radiant glow. Skin is left smoother, softer, and rejuvenated. Improvement continues throughout the series and you will see visible results after the third treatment. This treatment is usually done in a series for maximum results. To obtain the full benefit of the service, a series of six treatments is recommended..

Per Treatment - $78
Package of 6 Treatments - $425

Glo Back Facial

For that hard to reach area of the body, experience this purifying, hydrating and relaxing back facial. This treatment includes a cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions and back massage. Finish with a delicious de-aging moisturizer to hydrate and soothe the skin. 

Per Treatment - $75

Black Head Removal Treatment

Don’t have time for a facial but want cleaner skin? Let our esthetician double cleanse your skin then steam you while your skin is exfoliated using our hydrating enzyme mask. Gentle extractions decongest your skin. Finish with a toner and moisturizer proper for your skin type. 

Per Treatment - $58

Eyebrow and Brow Tinting

Eyelash Tinting - $28
Eyebrow Tinting - $25
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting - $48