Massage Therapy

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Scruples Ultimate Experience Massage

Come and immerse yourself in deep relaxation and let everything go.  Select the one hour massage of your choice and extend that feeling of warmth and serenity, by remaining in your private room up to an additionalhour. Relax, reflect, or even doze off into dreamland.

Add $45 to your massage.*

Swedish Massage

A series of gentle flowing strokes applied to the body to promote relaxation, increased flexibility and blood circulation, thus cleansing the body of impurities.

45 minutes - $50
60 minutes - $65
90 minutes - $90

Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper massage used for the release of chronic pain patterns in the body, either caused by poor posture, trauma, injury or overworked muscles.

45 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $80
90 minutes - $120

Soothing Touch Therapeutic Massage

A One Half Hour Swedish Massage Combined With A One Half Hour Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage. This Is A Session Tailored To You, Combining Various Techniques Ranging From Relaxation To Deep Structural Work, With A Focus On Relaxing Tension In Your Muscles. It Also Promotes Blood Flow, Joint Flexibility And Better Immunity.

45 minutes - $59
60 minutes - $78
90 minutes - $117

Hot Stone Massage

Penetrating heat from Black Basalt River Stones effectively alleviates stress and negative energy while creating an aura of wellness and relaxation. Applying the stones to the body increases blood flow to sore, stiff muscles, helping to eliminate body toxins and re-center one with self.

60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $130


The stimulation of hands and feet thereby increasing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular functions. Reflexology, with a full range of pressure sensors, utilizes the same body system of fight or flight to relax the body.

15 Minutes - $35

Fitness Massage

A type of massage typically used before, during and after athletic events. This massage prepares the athlete for peak performance and drains away fatigue, relieves swelling, to reduce muscle tension, promotes flexibility and helps prevent injuries.

45 minutes - $63
60 minutes - $83

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. Massage gives special attention to her, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. The second and third trimesters are wonderful times to begin prenatal massage.

45 minutes - $57
60 minutes - $75
75 minutes - $95