Soothing Sundays

Looking to take a little time out to relax?

We at Scruples Boutique and Day Spa have the answer for you...Soothing Sundays.

Every Sunday, we will open from noon until 3 p.m., and the environment will be quiet and relaxing in our spa and the surrounding areas. The hair salon will be closed, there will be no blow dryers, loud music, or anything else. There will only be a serene three hours in our day spa upstairs. 

One special we are offering is a Tuscan Citrus and Herb Salt Glow Treatment, followed by a Swiss Shower and a half hour Swedish Massage. This is also served with a Pina Colada cooler. The cost is $115 and you should allow for 90 minutes.

We will also be doing soothing Touch Therapeutic massages. This will be a half hour Swedish Massage, combined with a half hour Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage. The cost of this is $78 and you should allow for one hour.

This session will be tailored for you and will combine various techniques, ranging from relaxation to deep structural work, with a focus on relaxing tension in your muscles. It also promotes increased blood flow, joint flexibility, and better immunity.

We are also offering $10 off a one-hour Hot Stone, Swedish, Fitness, or Deep Tissue massage.

These promotions are by appointment only

Relaxation techniques can last far beyond the massage. They can help you with anxiety, asthma, depression, Fibromyalgia, headaches, heart disease and heart symptoms, high blood pressure, hot flashes, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, nightmares, overactive bladder, pain, ringing in the ears, smoking cessation, and Temporomandibular Disorder (pain and loss of motion in the jaw joints).

Sound good to you? Give us a call at 860-763-1800 to reserve your spot.