Bayalage Hair Coloring

At Scruples we are proud to offer Balayage, which is a hair coloring technique that came out in the 70's but has become quite popular in the last ten years or so.  Color is applied “freehand" as opposed to the use of foils. Shoulder length or longer hair is preferred; however it can be applied to shorter hair styles


 There are many advantages with this type of coloring. Since the coloring is lower maintenance, it will require fewer trips to the salon for “touch-ups”. Additionally there are no lines of demarcation due to regrowth of the hair. Finally, when applied properly, the color always looks good!


  The actual process varies, and that is based on the actual length of the hair, and the look that our customer desires to achieve. The process that Scruples uses most often is coloring individual strands with a brush and backing board.  Another method utilized by other hairstylist is to separate the sections of hair with foil, and then freehand the color to the ends. The initial application of color typically requires 3 appointments spaced approximately 6 weeks apart to build up the color. After that, our clients could go up to four months without having more Balayage.


This hair technique is much better suited for longer flowing loose curls or a beachy tousled where you can see the color variations like a ribbon through the hair. Our prices start at $115, depending on the length of the hair, and we are certain you will be delighted with the result.