Massage & Reiki!


Scruples Salon & Day Spa offers both massage & reiki! From couples massages to pampering soothing touch therapeutic massage to Reiki  you will feel like a new person after enjoying time with us!


Massage & Reiki are both natural ways of healing and both focus on the body.  After having a fantastic massage, one will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Massage loosens tight muscles and increases blood flow and oxygen in the body.


Reiki a form of Japanese art of healing, uses only light touch and sometimes even no touch for stress reduction and relaxation. It is known to promote healing as well.  When having a Reiki treatment, one may feel a sort energy that flows through the body, promoting feelings of peace and well being.

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Here at Scruples Salon & Day Spa, we offer both massages and Reiki. Summer time is the perfect time to treat yourself to one of our many different spa packages.  For a full list of our spa treatments please click on:


We look forward to seeing you!

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